How To Know If You Should Hire A General Contractor

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As a homeowner there are probably dozens of projects you've always wanted to do around the homestead, be it an building a deck, to replacing those old drab windows, or even putting in some new carpet to make your house feel that extra bit more cozy. You may have tackled some of these projects yourself, or hired a single professional to help you do the work, but what happens when your project goes beyond the scope of your abilities? Things like remodeling and adding new additions to your home are probably beyond your do-it-yourself expertise as well as beyond the scope of time you have. Luckily, this is where a general contractor comes in, as they can bring several professionals together in order to complete your project in a timely manner. Before you hire one for your project however, there are several questions you should ask yourself which will be detailed below.

What are the code requirements of your project? 

Whether you're aware or not, there are quite a few home improvement projects which require permits from your city or county and they must adhere to a strict set of code requirements. Some of the permits are even unavailable for anyone but licensed contractors and also carry stiff fines to boot if they're not adhered to. This reason alone makes it a good idea to hire a contractor when attempting any major home improvement projects, especially when you consider that every contractor is usually very skilled at navigating code and permits.

Will your project take a long time?

If your project will only take a few days to complete, it might be easier for you to simply hire the specific professional for the job. However, should your project take a few weeks to complete, hiring a general contractor might be in your best interest. A general contractor is very good at coordinating all the specialists' schedules and often knows how long each individual professional will need on their part of the project. They will schedule the crew in a way where their schedules won't conflict, ensuring that the project goes as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. 

Will you need to hire multiple professionals?

If the project only requires one professional's talents it may be easier to hire them individually. However, if you're say, adding an addition to your house you will often need to hire multiple professionals to handle the various aspects of the job. A general contractor would be a good idea in this case as they know who to hire, but anyone they hire will definitely be properly licensed, making sure you have the highest standard of work done for your project without breaking the bank. 

So if any of these questions point you in the direction of a general contractor like Small Town Construction, it might be an good idea for you to go with one. This way you can get your project done with the peace of mind that it will be accomplished correctly.


29 September 2014

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