Installing A Skylight? Four Places In Your Home Where They Really Make Things Bright

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Skylights are special types of windows that are designed to let in natural light. They are used on boats, RVs and most importantly, as useful architectural features on your home. If you are thinking of installing a skylight, here are four places where they will really make a difference.

Accent Architecturally Unique Ceilings

Vaulted ceilings are all the rage right now. These ceilings are angled, or sloped. In multi-story homes they can be twice the height of a normal ceiling, creating an impressive entry. Adding skylights to accentuate the design and let in natural light makes the living area even more impressive.

Tray ceilings, often used in master bedrooms, are also a hot ticket item in real estate. These ceilings have two or more levels around the sides, and are "framed" just like old-fashioned paintings. Adding a skylight in the same shape as the "frame" adds another layer of interest to the design.

Lighten Up Your Bathroom

Small bathrooms, or those without windows, can sometimes feel dark and gloomy.  A bathroom skylight can make all the difference. It lets in natural light without sacrificing your privacy. Skylights are often installed over shower areas, soaking tubs and sink/counter areas.

The ones over the soaking tubs are particularly fun. Use clear glass and at night you can enjoy a bubble bath while looking up at the stars.

Keeping Stairwells Safe

Stairwells can often be dark, shadowy places. You need lots of artificial lighting to keep them safe. While you will still need the artificial lighting at night, you can reduce energy costs by installing a skylight at the top of the stairwell. On all but the cloudiest days you will let in enough natural light to take away that gloom.

Illuminating Your Attic

If you are considering turning your attic into usable living space, you might consider installing skylights. For example, if you are creating a mother-in-law suite with a kitchen you could install a skylight right above the sink area. Or, you could install a skylight over the bathroom area.

In either case, select a skylight you can open to let in fresh air as well as natural light. Most converted attics have sloped walls, so the skylight handles should be easy to reach. Just be sure to have the skylights installed with the opening side down. This also reduces the amount of water that gets in if you are surprised by a sudden rain shower.

It doesn't matter if you do the work yourself or use a contractor. Your finished skylight will use the light of the sun to make your home bright. For more help, contact a company like Custom Designed Systems with your questions.


29 September 2014

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