How To Purify Rainwater When Camping

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Water is needed by all people to survive. When camping, you will come across different bodies of water that are not drinkable at all. Rainwater can be purified to be used as drinking water as long as you heat it hot enough and long enough. Here is how to purify rainwater yourself when camping.

Materials You Will Need:

  • A large clean bucket
  • A quart sized black metal pan with a cover
  • Firewood
  • Matches

Collecting Rainwater

You will need something to collect your water. A large, clean bucket will work will for this. Leave it in an area that is unobstructed by hanging tree branches or brush so that you will get the most water you possibly can. Let the rainwater sit for at least an hour after collection. This will allow the heavier bacteria particles in the water to settle to the bottom of the bucket. Pour from the top of the bucket into a quart sized black metal pan.

Killing Bacteria

You will need to heat your water to kill any contaminated particles. Light a fire with your matches and firewood and place the metal pan with the water inside on top of the fire. Make sure the pan is covered. Let it come to a rolling boil. Boil the water for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Allow the water to cool before drinking.

Alternate Method

If you do not have fire readily available, you can try the solar method for purifying rainwater. This can be done using a few household items that you can easily pack along with your camping gear.

  • A large clean bucket
  • A quart sized black metal pan with a cover
  • A quart sized plastic sandwich bag
  • A roll of aluminum foil

Use the same directions as above for your water collection process. Instead of heating the pan on top of a fire, you will need to use the sun to heat your water (after the rain storm has passed, of course).

Use a sandwich bag to scoop some of the rainwater from the metal pan. Place a few feet of aluminum foil in the direct sunlight. Place the bag on top of the foil. Use more foil to wrap around the sandwich bag, as if enclosing the sandwich bag in a bowl made of foil. Allow it to heat in the sun for several hours. Ultraviolet rays from the sun will sterilize your water and kill any pathogens. 

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