Protect Your Hardwood Flooring This Winter

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Winter weather, with all its ice and snow, can be especially bad for hardwood floors. In addition to the fact that moisture that clings to boots can inflict water damage on the floor, salt from the sidewalks can be damaging as well. Even Christmas trees can do damage to your hardwood floors. These tips will help you protect your floors from these damaging elements, allowing you to keep your flooring from a place like Alpine Wood Flooring Inc looking great throughout the winter. 

Take Off Your Shoes at the Door

Perhaps the most effective way to protect your floors is to make a rule requiring all family members and visitors to remove shoes at the door. Place one or two chairs in the foyer by the doorway to your home, and a mat to the side of the chairs. This gives people just arriving at your home a place where they can sit down to remove their shoes. 

To accommodate guests, provide a complimentary pair of cushiony slippers to wear while in your home. This will prevent your visitor's feet from getting cold, and ensures their comfort during their stay.

Lay Down Extra Mats

If you do not wish to make a rule about removing shoes while in the house, you'll need to find another way to prevent water, salt and slush from entering your home. Lay down mats on both sides of the doorway to your home--inside and outside--so visitors and family members can effectively remove water and grime from the bottom of their boots.

Use mats with anti-skid material on the bottom to prevent the mats from becoming bunched. The longer the mat, the more snow and slush will come off of the shoes before your guests step into your house, so it's a wise idea to select the longest mats possible.

Take Special Precautions with the Holiday Tree

Christmas trees present a variety of challenges to homeowners with hardwood floors. Water that spills from the base of the tree can cause water damage if left on the floors for too long. In addition, Christmas tree stands can have sharp metal legs notorious for scratching hardwood planks. Even the needles, when stepped on repeatedly, can make tiny scratches. Stepped on over and over again, needles from your tree could incur visible damage to your floors.

To avoid these problems, lay a plastic tarp beneath the tree stand to catch any water that spills. Wrap the legs of the Christmas tree stand with felt or use furniture leg caps to protect the floors from the legs of the stand. Institute a policy of sweeping the floor once per day to get rid of any needles beneath the tree. 

Luckily, hardwood floors aren't that difficult to maintain. Taking these precautions, your floor should survive the winter looking just as great as it looks in the summer. 


26 December 2014

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