3 Things You Should Do To Prepare For Sewer System Repairs In Your Home


One of the most valuable functioning components in a modern home is the sewer and septic system. Although tucked out of sight, when something goes wrong with your septic tank, there is no question you will know it. Septic systems smell horrible when there are issues at play and this is often the first indicator that there is an issue. If you have contacted local plumbing services such as Absolutely Clear Sewers & Plumbing Service for professional assistance, there is a pretty good chance someone will be out right away. There are a few things you should know about preparing for septic repairs.

Expect Bathrooms to Be Off Limits

During septic system repairs, it will be crucial that no one flushes the toilet, as this is one of the main drainage lines in the house. Therefore, toilets in the home will be off limits until repairs are complete and everything is in good working order again. For this reason, many homeowners choose not to hang around while repairs are being made. This is especially true if there are small children in the house. If you cannot leave your home, it is a good idea to make arrangements with a close neighbor for temporary access to a functioning bathroom.

Have Water on Hand

During septic system repairs, the shut off valve to the main water line will have to be turned off. Therefore, you will not have immediate access to water when you need it. Before the plumber arrives, make sure you fill a few gallon jugs with water for hand washing or cooking. Remember, the average person will use at least a gallon of water every day for simple tasks, such as brushing their teeth or washing their hands. Make sure you have a sufficient amount of water on hand for every member of the household.

Create a Temporary Waste Water Receptacle

Not only will the main water line to your home be shut off while repairs are being accomplished, your drainage lines will be off limits as well. Therefore, waste water will not be allowed in the kitchen, bathroom, or even from your washing machine drain lines. Have a large container or five gallon bucket on hand where you can capture any water that is used during hand washing or after food preparation. When the project is complete and your drains are restored, you can simple pour the waste water down the drain.

When it comes to septic system repairs, the whole idea can seem overwhelming. However, with the right contractor, and a little preparation on your part, you can have the functionality of your modern home back within a few hours in most cases.


3 January 2015

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