Four Benefits Of Polyurethane Spray Foam Roof Systems For Commercial Buildings


You've probably heard of polyurethane spray foam insulation, but did you know that there are spray foam materials that can be used on roofs, too? Spray foam made specifically for roofing is applied to the underlying roof substrate before being covered in a protective coating. If you have a commercial building in need of a new roof, you should strongly consider choosing spray foam as your roofing material. Here's a look at a few of its many benefits:

Spray foam roofing is lightweight.

If you have an older building, your roofing choices may be limited by the amount of weight you can safely place on the structure. Spray foam is extremely lightweight, making it an option for nearly all structures and a popular choice in remedial applications.

Spray foam roofing provides superior insulation.

Traditional roofs offer minimal insulation, but spray foam is extremely insulating. You're likely to find that your energy bills decrease once you have a spray foam roof applied. When you're paying to heat a large commercial building, reduced energy bills are always good news. Using spray foam as your roofing material may also prevent you from having to install additional insulation in a building you're remodeling.

Spray foam roofing is waterproof and prevents leaks.

Unlike traditional roofing materials, which have gaps between boards and mats, spray foam forms a uniform, gap-free barrier between your building and the outside world. There are no cracks or seams through which water can seep, so you need not worry about leaks. A lack of leaks, in turn, decreases your risk of mold and other moisture-related damage such as rotting wood.

Light-colored spray foam reflects sunlight.

Most spray foam roofing materials, and the coatings that are placed over them, are light tan in color. Unlike traditional black roofs that absorb sunlight leading to an increase in building temperature, light-colored spray foam reflects sunlight. This leads to cooler indoor temperatures and a reduction in your cooling bills during the hot summer months. Light-colored roofs also help keep the surrounding community cooler when used on large buildings.

Spray foam is a highly sustainable choice for commercial roofs. It's likely to reduce your energy cost, put an end to your moisture woes, and fit your building's needs in terms of weight-support limitations. Talk to a roofing company in your area that offers spray foam, such as Independent Roofing Inc, and get an estimate today. You'll be surprised how affordable a spray foam roof can be – they're generally quick and easy to install, too.


7 January 2015

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