Get A New Tankless Water Heater For Your Little House


If you have a small home and you don't have a huge family using a lot of hot water, why have a large traditional hot water tank? If your old water heater is old and ready to be replaced, a great alternative option is an electric or gas tankless water heater.

The tankless water heater has a lot of benefits the old unit doesn't provide, and you can have a plumber come give you an estimate for the project. Here are just a few reasons to consider tankless.


A tankless water heater will only heat water at the time you need it. It doesn't run all day long keeping water hot for potential use, using gas and electricity. It also doesn't have to work to heat up new water, after the already heater water has been used. The unit is going to help lower your electric and gas bills.

Not only does it have energy efficiency, but water efficiency as well. The hot water is heated instantly, so you don't have to run it for several minutes until it reaches a temperature you're comfortable with.

Multiple Needs

The tank heats water when needed, so you get as much hot water as you need. If you need hot water in the kitchen to do the dishes, and someone wants to take a shower, you will have enough water in both places, and you won't run out.

Low Risks

Gas water tanks can put the home at the risk of a gas leak as they age, and the pipes start to corrode. A large water tank can also be a flooding hazard, and they are at the risk of leaking. The small tankless unit isn't going to store water, so you don't have to worry about these problems. An electric tankless water heater won't work if the power is out, but you don't have to worry about gas lines.

A conventional tank water heater can go out as early as 6 years after you purchase it, but a tankless water heater can easily last a decade or longer. Talk with a plumbing professional like Parkey's Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing to find out what tankless model is going to be the best for your home, and how much you can save with this efficient option. You may also want to take your old water heater to a junkyard, to make money off copper piping and the interior components.


28 January 2015

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