Four Projects To Do With Hardwood Lumber Other Than Flooring

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If you have ever seen hardwood flooring and love the way it looks, it can be used for many other things besides floors. You can use hardwood for things like building furniture, railings on decks and wall covering. It also makes a great looking material for DIY projects, though some wood species can be a little difficult to work with. If you want to see the beauty of hardwood in your own projects, here are four things other than flooring that you can do with hardwood lumber:

1. Building Furniture With Hardwood

Hardwood is a great material to use for building furniture like tables and shelving. You can also use hardwood for things like building a custom toolbox for your projects. When working with hardwood to build furniture, you will want to make sure that you have sharp woodworking tools. You will also want to use sawblades with more teeth, which will give your smoother cuts that are ideal for making furniture pieces.

2. Using Hardwood As An Attractive Fencing Material

Hardwood can also make a very attractive fencing material to use around your home. If you want to reduce costs, you may just want to use hardwood on areas of a fence that are in plain view. It is also important to give the wood a good coat of sealant to protect it from the elements. An oil-based sealant is a good idea to protect the wood from water and insects. You may want to look for a sealant product that is meant for use on hardwood outdoors.

3. Hardwood Features You Can Add To Outdoor Decks

Hardwood can also be a great material to use on outdoor decks. Since it is hard, you may want to pre-drill pilot holes in the wood if you plan to use it as decking. This will prevent splitting and cracking of the boards when you fasten them. You may want to just use hardwood for details like railing caps or trim around posts and columns.  It is also better to use screws rather than nails with hardwood to prevent problems with warping of the wood.

4. Using Hardwood To Create Landscaping And Garden Features

Maybe you want to have features in your garden such as arbors or wood planters. Hardwood is a great choice of materials for these features. It is durable and will look great with an oil finish. If you use hardwood for a wood planter, you may want to use other materials like treated pine for the box, and then cover it in hardwood to protect it from the elements.

These are some projects that you may want to try with hardwood lumber. If you need materials for your project, contact a hardwood lumber supplier such as Salem Hardwood to get all the wood you need to do these great projects.


30 January 2015

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