Could a Multi-Zone Thermostat Be the Perfect Thermostat for Your Home?


If you are having a hard time maintaining the temperature in your home, it may be time to resort to a multi-zone programmable thermostat. A multi-zone programmable thermostat system allows you to set the temperature that you want each zone of your house to be at and the thermostats will work together to maintain the different temperatures in the house in an attempt to help the home stay a more consistent temperature.

When a multi-zone thermostat system is installed in your home, it needs to be installed by a professional such as Robinson Heating & Cooling Inc. The professional will know where the best place to position the thermostats is to ensure that each thermostat is able to give the most accurate reading possible. All of the thermostats will then work together to alert the main thermostat when the temperature in a room has fallen below the desired temperature you set.

There are dampers or guards that are built into the ducts of the system to help block air from going into one area of the house when really air is needed in another area of the house. The dampers will open and close as alerted by the thermostats. It is important to check regularly to make sure that air is coming from the vents when you have a damper installed though. The dampers can become stuck closed or stuck open and then damage could be caused to the heat exchanger.

When you have the thermostats installed, it is important to make sure that the installer takes the time to set them and link them before he or she leaves. This will allow you to be sure that the entire system is working properly and that your thermostat is set to a reasonable temperature.

The new system is easy to operate too. Most multi-zone thermostats have a digital face that allows you to easily adjust the system as needed. You can read to see if there are any blockages, what the temperature is in each room without even going into the room. This can be a great way to save money on your overall electric costs, as well.

By maintaining a constant temperature in your home, the heat or air conditioning will cut down on how often your thermostat kicks on and thus decrease the amount of money you pay to heat and cool your home. The thermostats are very affordable and well worth the investment if it keeps your home at a cozy temperature all year long.


6 February 2015

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