Three Reasons Why You Might Want To Learn How To Splice Electrical Wires


As a homeowner you probably leave the vast majority of anything electrical up to an electrician from a company like RDS Electric, and that is smart. Tinkering with such a dangerous source of energy can lead to electrical burns, fire and even death. However, there are small scale home remodeling projects where knowing something about wire splicing will save you money in the long run. Here are three reasons why you might want to learn wire splicing.

You Want to Move a Ceiling Light

Let's face it, not all homes are built with ingenious lighting. Sometimes the location of a ceiling light leaves much to be desired, e.g., it lights up most of a hallway but does not bend at ninety degrees around a corner. Installing an additional ceiling light or moving the current one such that it is in the cross-way between the intersecting hallways gives light to both areas. Knowing how to splice means you can add electrical wiring to the existing wires to satisfy the electrical needs of either lighting option.

You Want to Wire Your Entire House for Stereo Sound

With flat screen TVs finding their way into every room of the house (even the bathroom!), people want the theater sound quality to follow their TVs. Having total home theater access in every room requires a lot of wire splicing. If you hired an electrician to do it, you know it is done correctly, but it will cost you thousands of dollars to run wires behind the walls and connect them to speakers in every room. 

Your Pets Chewed Through Cords and/or Wires

Some pets are not the brightest. Cats and dogs alike will take to chewing on rubbery cords and string-like wires just because they perceive them to be pet toys. Rodent pets will chew regardless. When they get to your HDMI cords or your video game system's sensor bars, you do not have to flip out anymore. Knowing how to splice electrical wires will allow you to keep your calm, not strangle the life out of your pets, and fix the damage your fur balls have caused without having to buy replacements.

Learning How to Splice Wires

Electricians spend years learning to identify all of the different types of wire and how to splice them together to make something work. Even with a crash course on splicing, you may not get it right every time. If you want to be absolutely sure that your wire splicing work will not spark a fire, consult with an electrical contractor to make sure you have it correct (and keep your power off until you do).


11 February 2015

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