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Your in-ground swimming pool is already going to be a focal point of your yard. Most likely it's going to serve as a center of entertainment and relaxation as well. Customize your pool to transform it into a getaway that's one-of-a-kind.


One of the first decisions you'll make about your swimming pool is its shape. While rectangular is the standard, the Landscaping Network outlines a few other options:

  • L-Shape: The L-shape features an extension to the standard rectangle, allowing for a shallow end or a spa.
  • Lazy-L: The extension is slightly fore-shortened, creating a natural entry point.
  • Oval: As the name suggests, the oval is an elongated circle, pleasing for natural designs.
  • Kidney Shape: Like an oval with an indentation, the kidney-shaped pool fits into most backyards.
  • Figure-8: An oval with indentations on both sides, the figure-8 creates a natural delineation of space.

Including a spa allows you to play with geometry, mixing shapes or maintaining shapes in different dimensions.

Custom Seating

Sitting on the steps leading into your pool carries a certain charm. However, there's no reason that needs to be your only seating. Consider what you want to do in your pool, and have seating designed accordingly. For instance, you may want to sit in the deep end and kick your legs freely – bench seating allows for that.

For a spa, even more opportunities for custom seating exist. Different areas of the spa pool should vary in depth to allow for full soaking as well as partial submersion. Likewise, placement of the jets allows you to target the muscles receiving a massage.


In-ground swimming pools are typically constructed of either fiberglass or vinyl. However, different materials can be used at the waterline, coping and on the deck, as well as for any water features.

Tile is the classic for the waterline and coping, the area that overhangs the waterline. Aqua blue used to be the only color used for these spaces, but eventually colorful and patterned tiles took over.

A current style for luxury pools is using glass tile at the waterline and even the pool bottom. Contractors lay small, glass tiles that reflect the water and sun, creating an iridescent look.

One trend in overall pool design is creating a natural look. In this case, the decking and water features seem sculpted out of the local materials. Contractors use stone or pavers cut to resemble natural rocks. The target effect is a natural pool, as if your backyard just happened to sprout a small lake complete with waterfall and hot springs.

In-ground swimming pools are a large investment of space and money. Ensure your backyard swimming pool uniquely fits your water-loving style. For more information, contact to your local pool contractor (such as Easton Pool & Spa).


23 February 2015

 Pool Care Perfection

Before you decide on adding a pool to your backyard, you need to decide how you’re going to take care of the pool once it’s in. This is a very important part of the pool addition process, because you’re going to spend a lot more time on the upkeep of the pool than on the installation, and it’s important to have a plan in place. After years of pool ownership, I’ve learned a lot about how to take care of a pool, what you can do yourself, and what to leave to the pool professionals. I started this blog to help others learn what they need to know about pool care and maintenance. Take a deep breath and dive right in!