Common Issues That Can Affect Your Wood Flooring Project

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If you are planning on replacing your current flooring with wood flooring, there are a few things to keep in mind that might set your project back. Knowing ahead of time what common issues can come up when replacing wooden flooring will prepare you for the worst and make sure you are ready for the project. Here are three common problems that can occur when replacing your carpets with wood flooring.

1. Discovering Older Covered Flooring

Depending on the age of your home, removing carpeting to put down wooden flooring might uncover flooring from the past. Wood flooring needs to have a solid base, and simply placing on top of other flooring might cause your wood to buckle and warp. Old linoleum might be tempting to just lay wood over, but with concerns of asbestos it might be best to have this taken out. This type of project will involve removing your family and pets until removal is completed and your wood flooring project can continue.

2. Mold or Water Damaged Boards

You never know what damage might be found when replacing flooring. If your contractor discovers any issues below that needs to be dealt with, it might add more work and expense. If you find mold or water damaged boards, these must be replaced for your project to continue, along with identifying the problem that might be causing the moisture build-up. Old carpeting may have hidden this, but with a new wooden floor you need to start out with a good foundation. Moisture problems can warp wood and must be dealt with first.

3. Doorways May Need to be Augmented or Doors Replaced

If you are replacing plush carpeting with wood flooring, there might be a gap between your door and floor that was once covered by carpeting. You might have to put in a raised piece of flooring to cover the door jamb threshold that is exposed. If you are remodeling your entire home, make sure to source new doors after wood flooring is installed so that you install properly.

Always work with your contractor and make sure that you are in the loop with any setbacks that may occur. Wood flooring can be a simple project, but every once in a while there might be a problem along the way. Having funds set aside in case additional work is found is a good idea to keep your project moving. Talk to a professional like New York Hardwood Floors for more information.


11 March 2015

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