Preventing Bed Bug Infestation


If you travel often, and you stay in hotels when you are away, there is always a risk of bringing bed begs back home with you. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to remove, so it is best to take a few extra steps in preventing them from getting into your home to begin with. Here are some tips for you to use when dealing with hotel travel in trying to keep bed bugs from creeping into your own bed.

Do Visual Inspection

When you check into your hotel room, take the time to visually inspect the entire bed before using it. Check the entire mattress and box spring for any bugs that are lurking. Bed bugs are flat, brown insects that are about a quarter of an inch long. Next, take a look at the headboard for any signs that bed bugs are present. Any reddish-brown spots on any surface of the bed can be indication that bed bugs are present.

Report Any Bites

If you contract small bites after sleeping in a hotel bed, report it to the hotel manager immediately and demand an inspection of your room. Hotels are responsible for the well-being of their guests and will most likely be accommodating to checking out your conditions. Bed bug bites are red, raised up welts, similar to mosquito bites. They often are in clusters where the bed bug was biting. They usually show up on the back, backs of legs or behind the neck.

Unpack Outdoors

If there was a bed bug incident in your hotel room, do not bring your belongings inside your home upon return. Unpack your suitcase out in your driveway or front yard and place your clothing inside a garbage bag to bring inside to your washing machine. Clothes need to be immediately washed and dried to kill any bed bugs or larvae that could have gotten on your belongings. Use hot water and heat to kill bed bugs.

Place your suitcase and any personal items inside another garbage bag. Drop a few insect killing strips inside the bag and tie it shut. Keep your belongings inside the bag for at least two weeks to suffocate and kill any bed bugs with the pest control strips. 

Call For Help

If you notice the same symptoms occurring at home after you have returned, call a professional in to do an inspection. Trying to get rid of bed bugs on your own can actually make the condition worse. When you use chemicals to try to rid them on your own, they may run to other areas of the home. Instead, have a bed bug control specialist such as Desert Pest Control treat your home properly. While waiting for the service to arrive, start washing all your clothing and bedding in hot water.


4 May 2015

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