Addressing Two of Your Questions about Routine Plumbing Issues

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When your home's plumbing starts to malfunction, it can make life in your house almost unbearable. Yet, plumbing problems do not have to cause chaos with your home because there are many homeowners that lack the knowledge needed to address these issues when they arise. Fortunately, understanding a couple of routine answers to basic plumbing question should provide you with the clarity that you need to make sound decisions when it comes to addressing these problems. 

What Can You Do for a Shower That Leaks?

Your shower is one of the most water-intensive devices in the average house, so it's no surprise that this is also one of the devices that is most likely to encounter problems. In particular, leaks are a routine issue that showers will occasionally need to have addressed. Fortunately, this is often a simple issue that homeowners can address without needing to hire a professional.

The first thing you must do is determine the location of the leak. If it is occurring around the showerhead, a mineral buildup is most likely the cause of the leak. To correct this, you should simply remove the showerhead and soak it for several hours in vinegar. When the leak is occurring around the base of the shower enclosure's glass, it is likely a problem with the caulking, and a fresh coating along the glass should eliminate this issue. 

Why Do Pipes Make a Lot of Noises?

As your home ages, it is common for the plumbing to start to become louder. This can occur for a variety of reasons, but gas accumulations and corrosion are among the most common causes for it. If the problem is occurring due to gas accumulations, you can usually combat this problem by flushing your faucets at least once a week. When doing this, you should turn on all of your faucets at the same time because this will force the gases to exit through the primary sewer line. 

When the issue is occurring due to corrosion of your pipe, it will likely be necessary to have a professional plumber like Biard & Crockett Plumbing evaluate the problem. These individuals have the tools needed to determine which pipes are damaged enough that they need to be replaced, and once the damaged ones have been identified, they can be replaced in a matter of hours in most cases. 

Understanding how to address some of the routine plumbing issues is essential for reducing the inconveniences these incidents can cause. Also, you can help minimize the amount of damage that these problems cause by knowing how to address them. More precisely, knowing what to do when your shower is leaking and your pipes are being loud can prove extremely beneficial. 


20 May 2015

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