Maintaining The Beauty Of Your Throw And Area Rugs


Throw and area rugs can be affordable, or they can be a huge investment. No matter whether you have spent a little or a lot, the care of the rugs will determine the length of time that they will look great in your home. Below, you will find a few care tips that will help preserve the beauty of the throw and area rugs in your home.

Rug Rotation

To prevent traffic wear, rotate the rugs a couple times each year. Depending on how you have the area set up, this can be a very easy process, or it could require the movement of some furniture that you may have placed on the rug.

Remove all furnishings from the rug and give the rug one half turn. This means the two ends of the rug will trade places. This will prevent traffic wear, sun damage and uneven wear.

Beat the Rug

Many people attempt to keep their throw and area rugs with a vacuum. This can actually be less effective in cleaning the rug. Instead, take the rug outside and drape it over a clothesline or railing with the underside facing outwards. Beat the underside with a broom handle or rug beating tool.

Tip: To speed up the beating process, wrap an old tennis racket with an old sheet and then wrap it with duct tape. Use this to beat the rug and it will take less time to get all of the dust, dirt and sand out of the fibers because you are beating it with a larger tool.

Clean the Pads

The rug pads that you have underneath the rugs to keep them from sliding out of place need to be cleaned as well. Believe it or not, those pads can trap more dirt than the rug itself because of their sticky material. That dirt is then transferred to the rug over and over again as the rug is walked on.

To clean the pads, pick them up, soak them in warm, soapy water and rinse them well. Hang the pads over a railing or clothes line to dry.

Professional Cleanings

Your rugs will need to be cleaned every now and then. How often the rug needs to be cleaned depends on the type of traffic and the number of pets and children live in the home. If it has been a while since the rugs have been cleaned, contact your local rug cleaning professional like one from Conscientious Carpet Care to have it done. From that point, you can set up a schedule to have them re-cleaned as necessary. 

Following these steps will preserve the appearance of your rugs. Hopefully, this little bit of work will be easy enough for you do to yourself and maintain the beauty of your rugs for many years to come.


3 June 2015

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