4 Tips To Help You Choose Solar Energy Upgrades For Your Home Electrical Systems

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Solar energy can be a great investment if you want to reduce your energy costs. Solar arrays can help provide you with the electricity you need for everyday task. These systems can be used to almost completely power your home, or they can supplement power for things like lighting and small domestic appliances. Before you invest in a new solar panel array, here are some tips to help you decide what is right for your home:

1. Deciding To Stay On The Grid Or Go Off-Grid

There are a couple of options for the type of electrical connection of your solar panels. The array can be connected to the electrical system, which will allow you to have power from the grid when you need it and sell it back when you do not. You can also have a completely independent system that is off the grid, which can power all or part of the electrical installation in your home.

2. Choosing The Type Of Solar Panels To Install

There are also many choices for the type of solar panels you have installed in your home. One option is monocrystalline panels that are set on racks in an area of your home with direct sunlight. Solar panels can also be integrated into the building materials of your home, which can be more attractive, but will reduce the performance of your solar array.

3. Converting DC To AC With A Variety Of Choices

Your solar system will also need to convert the electricity because panels produce DC. Converters are needed to convert the DC to AC, which is the type of electrical system used by your home's wiring. Micro converters can be used to convert electricity at the panels and improve performance. For smaller systems, a string converter can be used, which will cost less.

4. Choosing Batteries And Charge Controllers For Your Solar Installation

Choosing the type of batteries and charge controllers for your system is also important. Solar panels need deep cycle batteries. The charge controllers are needed for larger arrays to prevent overcharging of batteries and damage to the system. Smaller systems may not need a charge controller, while larger systems will need them.

These are some tips to help you decide what type of solar energy investment is right for you. If you need help with the installation and integration of solar energy, contact an electrical contractor like Narducci Electric and talk with them about some of the options for home solar power.


27 August 2015

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