Solving Simple Issues With Double-Hung Sash Windows

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If you have a home with double-hung sash windows, then you are lucky to live in a house with such an attractive feature. These windows, however, like all windows, can develop problems from time to time that need your attention. This article takes a look at some common issues that can occur and how to deal with them.

Broken Pane

Accidents happen and it's almost inevitable that a pane in your sash windows will be broken at some point. Fortunately, replacing a broken pane is well within the abilities of the average homeowner. Remove the broken glass with a five-in-one chisel tool. Make sure that you wear gloves to avoid getting cut. Then measure the opening with a tape measure. Purchase a new pane of glass that is ⅛ inch smaller than the opening.

After coating the wood on the sides of the opening with a primer, secure the new pane to the window with metal taps called glazier points. Then apply glazing putty to the edges of the glass. After letting the putty cure, you can add paint.

Stuck Sash

It's quite common for a sash of a double hung window, particularly the upper sash, to become stuck, with one of the most common culprits being a bad paint job. To solve the problem, run a putty knife along all of the joints of the sash to remove any paint and then open the window. A less common cause of a stuck sash is excessive humidity. For this issue, turn on a dehumidifier in the same room as the window. If both of these methods fail, you may need to consult an expert.


If your sash windows rattle, this means that the windows are not secured tightly to the frame. First, apply weather stripping to the each sash. Clean the jambs and the sides of the sashes to begin. Then raise the lower, or bottom, sash and apply the weather stripping to the grooves in the jamb according to the product manufacturer's instructions. Use finish nails to secure the stripping.

Next, put the bottom sash back in place and lower the top, or outer, sash. Apply the weather striping to the jams at the top of window in the same way you did with the bottom. To finish the job, apply stripping to the top of the outer sash and the bottom of the lower sash.

Another good idea to prevent rattling is to add more caulk to the window. Place the caulk into the area between the glass and the wood framing, making certain to wipe away any excess caulk.

These steps should help you solve common simple issues with double-hung sash windows. For more complex repairs, seek professional advice like Port Orchard Glass.


20 November 2015

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