Make Small Apartment Drywall Repairs Before Moving

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If you're moving out of your apartment at the end of the month, now is the time to make small repairs to your drywall. Before you can get started, ask your landlord for the type of paint he or she used to paint your apartment. Your landlord may have the paint on hand and, if you're lucky, will supply it to you for free. This will go a long way toward helping you repair your walls. 

Nail Holes

Nail holes are among the easiest repairs to make on your walls. Use a putty knife to fill the holes with spackling paste, then smooth the spackling with the flat end of the knife. Wait for the spackling to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions, then sand down the spackling with fine grain sandpaper. When the spackling has been sanded down and is completely dry, paint over it.

Scuff Marks

Removing scuff marks from your walls can be tough. Dampen the area with a microfiber cloth, then dip the microfiber cloth in warm water mixed with dishwashing detergent. Scrub gently at the scuff mark with the microfiber cloth. When the scuff marks come off, you may find that the cleaned part of the wall now looks dull and flat. If this is the case, you can touch it up with paint from the landlord.

Door Knob Holes

Door knob holes and holes of a comparable size are easy to patch without cutting into the wall. To fix a door-knob hole, cover the area with the drywall patch. When this is done, use a putty knife to cover the patch with joint compound. Make the joint compound as smooth as possible with the putty knife, then feather the edges of the joint compound by angling the putty knife more sharply and applying more pressure as you scrape across the edges of the patch. Smooth the joint compound as well as you can, then wait for the joint compound to dry before sanding it down with fine-grained sand paper.

Holes Bigger Than a Door Knob

For holes bigger than a door knob, the best way to repair the wall is to cut the edges of the hole to give it a more regular shape, like a square or a rectangle. Once this is done, a piece of drywall can be inserted into the hole. However, it's a good idea to avoid cutting into the wall yourself unless you know where the wires and pipes in your wall are located. For holes of this size talk with a professional--like Mike's Drywall Service Inc--before you get started. This will help you ensure that the wall will be repaired properly and you'll have no trouble getting your deposit back after moving out!


10 December 2015

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