2 Simple Fixes For A Garbage Disposal That Isn't Turning On


If your garbage disposal suddenly stops breaking things down, you might know that the problem is something for a professional to look at, and you might attribute the problem to ordinary wear and tear. If your garbage disposal does not turn on at all, however, you could be stumped about the cause of the problem. In some cases, the issue that is causing your garbage disposal not to turn on can be serious and can require the assistance of a professional. However, you should try these two simple fixes first if you want to catch potentially simple problems, save yourself a few bucks and get your garbage disposal back up and working right away.

1. Check for a Tripped Breaker or Fuse

First of all, you should know that minor issues can cause a tripped breaker or fuse. If this happens, however, all power to your garbage disposal will be discontinued. if your garbage disposal is plugged into an outlet with a cord, you'll need to find the breaker or fuse that is marked for that electrical outlet. In many cases, your fuses or breakers will be labeled for the kitchen, but you may have more than one. If your garbage disposal is hard-wired, however, you may be able to find a separate breaker or fuse that is marked specifically for this appliance. Either way, check for a fuse or breaker on your box that is tripped, and flip it back into the "on" position. In some cases, this will cause your appliance to start working again. If this becomes a regular problem, however, you should have a professional come out and look for any potentially hazardous electrical issues.

2. Check Your Reset Buttons

There should be a red reset button that is connected to your appliance. Sometimes, it can get flipped off by accident or can be flipped off because of a minor issue. Look for this reset button, and press it to see if your garbage disposal turns back on. You should also check the reset buttons on the GFCI outlets in your kitchen to see if they are connected to your appliance. These are the electrical outlets that have red and blue buttons on them.

In the case of a serious problem with your garbage disposal, you'll need to have a professional from a company like Gold Seal Plumbing come out and take a look. If your disposal will not turn on, however, you should try these two simple fixes first to see if they help.


28 December 2015

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