Narrow And Neat -- 5 Tips For Loving A Long, Thin Backyard

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If you have a long, narrow yard, it may seem like your options in using it are limited. But you can make a fantastic haven out of a thin yard with some creative thinking. Here are 5 ideas for any budget.

Build a Small Pool. Filling in much of a narrow yard space with a lap pool or something similar can give the space a new sense of function. A custom-designed, narrow pool is a great focal point and can be designed to double as a piece of artwork. Add sluices, a fountain, or a waterfall to the back of the pool to make it more interesting and be sure to save space for a small lounge area to enjoy. A company that designs custom swimming pools can help.

Add a Focal Point. Make your narrow yard into a destination by adding a unique and inviting focal point at the long end. This can be anything that makes you happy, including a small gazebo, a lush flower garden, an entertainment space, or even a hammock strung between two trees. Add a meandering pathway or a straight brick walkway (depending on the level of formality in your yard) to reach your focal point and line the space with lush foliage. 

Use Geometry. Make a narrow strip of landscaping more interesting by using geometric shapes in the design. Large landscaping circles, diagonal plots, diamonds, or squares built into the yard design can help it seem more visually appealing and may also help it appear larger by drawing the eye to different areas.

Hardscape It. If you can't create a vibrant backyard full of greenery, consider getting rid of the landscaping and replacing it with a large, open entertainment space. A wooden plank walkway lined with cozy stone seating areas and art hung on the fence or walls is a low maintenance and warm place to enjoy summer nights with your friends or family. Or use the space as an outdoor kitchen or dining area. Cover it with a simple pergola to help you enjoy the outdoors all year long.

Go Vertical. You can add space to your narrow yard by encouraging guests' eyes to travel upward instead of outward. Adding height by planting trees with long trunks or tall plants and using containers to vary the height of other plants will help. In addition, decorate at least one fence, lattice or wall with interesting vertical visuals like art or flowering vines. Building stone walls that lead the eye upward can also create the illusion that there's more to the yard than it first appears.

Although working with a long, thin yard can have its own challenges, you can overcome them to create a dream space that's within your budget. 


11 October 2016

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Before you decide on adding a pool to your backyard, you need to decide how you’re going to take care of the pool once it’s in. This is a very important part of the pool addition process, because you’re going to spend a lot more time on the upkeep of the pool than on the installation, and it’s important to have a plan in place. After years of pool ownership, I’ve learned a lot about how to take care of a pool, what you can do yourself, and what to leave to the pool professionals. I started this blog to help others learn what they need to know about pool care and maintenance. Take a deep breath and dive right in!