What You Need to Know about Caring for Your Cabinets

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Every kitchen has cabinets. This is why it is important that every homeowner know how to care for his or her cabinets. There are some simple things you can implement in your home early on to make the most of your cabinet cleaning routine and keep your cabinets looking nice. Here are a couple things you should know.

1. Always Use Liners

One of the best things you can do early on is figure out how to prevent major messes from happening in the first place. The best way to protect your cabinets and drawers is to keep them lined. There are many different cabinet liner options out there, and what you choose largely depends on the look that you want and your budget. You can get removable wallpaper for a fun look. You can get actual liners designed for cabinetry, or you can purchase something like a simple press and seal wrap from the store. The important thing is to protect the shelf surfaces and replace the liners as often as needed.

2. Clean Hardware Often

If you have hardware on the cabinets, you have probably already noticed how quickly they get dirty. These are the places on the cabinets that get touched the most so, over time, you will get grease, dirt, food, and germs on the handles. In order to clean these, you should use some dishwashing detergent with an anti-grease agent. You can even mix in some vinegar for a really deep clean. This is a good option for simply wiping down the hardware. Ideally, if you are able, you should remove the hardware from the cabinets and let the handles soak in a solution of soap and hot water to remove any dirt and stains. This should be done as often as you are able.

3. Clean the Outside of the Cabinet

Each time you clean the kitchen, you should wipe down the cabinets. Depending on the type of cabinet you have, you can get a simple cleaner that can be sprayed right on the surface. If you have wood cabinets, you need to be careful about leaving water on them, so make sure that you wipe off any excess moisture immediately. Have one towel to wipe off dirt and stains and another to dry the cabinets. This will keep the cabinets looking nice.

By doing these simple things you can keep your cabinets clean and in good shape. Talk to a company like Sunrise Cabinetry Sales that specializes in cabinet services for more tips.


22 November 2016

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