Tips To Boost Your Roof And Attic's Energy Efficiency

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During winter, a great deal of your home's energy can escape up through your attic and out the roof. This leads to an increase cost to keep your home warm, cold drafts inside your home, and ice dam formation on your roof's edges. Here are some tips to get your roof and attic ready to keep your home's heat inside its interior, where it belongs.

Inspect Your Attic

The first step to preventing heat escaping through your attic is to inspect the space. Safely gain access into your attic on a cool day so you don't become overheated and to also help you detect any warm areas.

Check for any gaps in the insulation around floor joists and around the entryway. Also look for gaps around electrical openings, ventilation ducts, and around your chimney. To help you look for these openings, use a FLIR camera or an infrared detector, which can both help you locate heat entering into the cold area of your attic.

Seal Up Cracks

After you locate any gaps and cracks around electrical and ventilation duct work, seal them up to stop the leaking heat. Carefully move aside any rolled batting insulation to look for openings.

Use caulk in a caulk gun to seal around openings with electrical wiring, and around any ventilation duct work. You can also use a can of spray foam insulation to seal these openings. You can find this at most home improvement stores.

Supplement Your Insulation

The level of insulation inside your attic is another key to preventing the heat from escaping from your home's living spaces. If your attic and roof do not have adequate insulation, the insulation has shifted and revealed gaps, or the insulation has become damaged, it is recommended to have it corrected or replaced to repair the problem.

Check with your local energy company to see if they offer any home energy efficiency audit programs to check and correct any insulation deficiencies. Your energy company has an interest in helping you conserve energy just as much as you have, and some energy programs are available to you as a homeowner for free. You may be eligible to have a free insulation inspection and have any insulation deficiencies supplemented and corrected in your home.

If there are no programs available in your area, you can hire an insulation company to inspect your attic and provide recommendations and the cost to you to repair and update your insulation. Or you can add insulation into your attic on your own, such as with a spray foam insulation or blown-in cellulose insulation.  


7 September 2017

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