3 Tips For Installing A Gas Line

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Many of the appliances that are used in modern homes require access to a natural gas fuel supply in order to run properly. Adding a new gas line to tie in a gas stove or water heater to your main gas supply can be tricky.

Here are three simple tips that you can use to help eliminate any problems you might experience when installing a new gas line in the future:

1. Purchase the right supplies.

Since natural gas can be toxic when not properly contained, it's critical that you invest in the right supplies as you attempt to install a new gas line in your home. Look for flexible hosing or black piping that is specifically designed to deliver natural gas.

Using the right piping or hosing will help to prevent gas leaks in the future. You should also ensure that you are purchasing more piping or hosing than you need to account for overlays and waste during the installation process.

2. Assemble your fittings properly.

To accommodate the space in which you will be installing your new gas line, you will probably need to fit several pieces of piping together. This is a process that requires meticulous attention to detail in order to ensure that the fittings connect securely.

Be sure that you are using pipe glue or tape at each connection point to create an airtight seal so that natural gas cannot leak out into your home. You might want to consider assembling fittings in a workshop or garage so that you can see what you are doing before transferring these fittings to your smaller installation crawl space.

3. Check for leaks once installation is complete.

Once you have connected your new gas line to your existing natural gas supply, you need to check the quality of your work before you can consider the installation a success. Spread a mixture of water and liquid dish soap over the exterior surface of your new gas line.

Turn the natural gas supply on, then watch the surface of your piping or hosing to check for signs of bubbling. If you do spot bubbling, this is an indication there is a leak in your new gas line that will need to be repaired to maintain the safety and function of your home.

Being able to install a new gas line successfully will help you ensure that you can properly power your home's appliances in the future. Contact a company like Adams Plumbing & Heating Company for more information and assistance. 


8 November 2017

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