Don't Perform A Remodel Without A Land Survey First

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An awesome thing about being a homeowner is the fact that you can remodel your home whenever you'd like. However, while you do have this option, there are certain steps you need to take beforehand to ensure everything goes smoothly. One of these critical steps is a land survey. Make sure you understand just why a survey is so important before a remodel. 

Keeps Neighbors Happier

One of the more essential features of a land survey is the property line designation. When people first purchase their homes, they may know exactly where the property line begins and ends, but over time things can get blurred. A land survey before a remodel that includes an addition ensures that the new structure is not infringing on the property of one of your neighbors. 

Even if the addition itself won't extend that far out, but will cause you to relocate your fence, a land survey will ensure that both your fence and any other structures remain on your property line, which will keep your neighbor happier. 

Saves Time

A land survey can help you reduce the time it takes to complete a home remodel. First, construction companies will often perform this step. If you go ahead and complete the process now, you'll likely be able to skip this step later down the line, which can help things move along faster. 

Second, consider, if you skipped this step and proceeded with the remodel. Assume the construction company doesn't perform a survey and the project ends up resting over your property line, you will have to halt the project, remove any structures you've built and start the process all over again, which will extend the time it takes for completion. 

Lowers Cost

A land survey can also help lower the potential cost of your project overall. Consider the previous example of the construction that rests on the property line. Given this scenario, the removal of the structure would be the least of your concerns. 

You'd also have to consider the cost that goes along with this type of project. This step would almost be as though you were doing the project twice. Second, depending on where you live, you could face fines and penalties from homeowners association or other local municipality, which will only drive your cost up further. 

Make sure you aren't skipping this step when planning your home remodel. With all its benefits, a land survey is well worth the effort. Check out a website like for more information and assistance. 


20 April 2018

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