Tips For Providing Your Event Guests With Portable Toilet Access

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Whenever you are needing to provide bathroom facilities for large group gatherings, portable toilet rentals can prove useful. By providing you with portable toilets, these services can help ensure that your guests will have access to facilities regardless of where you are hosting the event.

Keep The Lines Short By Having Multiple Toilets

Avoiding long lines can be important for minimizing guest stress and dissatisfaction. For large group gatherings, a single portable toilet may quickly start to become overwhelmed, which can lead to long lines and grumpy guests. Opting for at least a couple of toilets will greatly reduce the tendency for long lines to form. Luckily, many toilet rental providers will offer discounts for multiple toilet rentals. Another step for reducing these lines will be to avoid designating a men's and women's toilet. Designating these toilets can lead to longer lines as individuals may be hesitant about using the portable toilet of the other gender despite being open or having a shorter line.

Position The Toilets In The Shade

Positioning the portable toilets in the shade can provide a couple of noticeable and important benefits. The shade will help to reduce the temperature inside the toilet by blocking the sun's heat and light. Also, this will help to limit the smell from the unit. If your location lacks a suitably shaded area, erecting a small canopy may be worth the effort for maximizing the comfort of your guests when they use the facilities.

Have Extra Toilet Paper On Site

While the rental provider will ensure that the toilet has a roll of toilet paper in it, your guests may quickly go through this. Running out of toilet paper can cause your guests to encounter serious issues when they attempt to use the toilet. Having additional rolls of toilet paper on hand will be essential for being able to quickly replace the toilet paper when the units run out.

Avoid Putting The Toilets Where It Could Get Muddy

Placing the toilet in an area where there is dirt or clay can put it at risk of getting stuck. Heavy rains may move through the area, and this can cause a deep mud puddle to form in these spots. The weight of the portable toilet will cause it to start to sink into the mud, which will make it unstable and difficult to remove. While concrete or other paved surfaces are not always available, gravel or grassy areas will be better than placing the toilet on dirt or clay.


21 July 2018

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