Basic Maintenance For Oil Burners

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Heating systems are relied upon by homeowners across the country to provide the heat needed to keep indoor temperatures at a comfortable level during the cold winter months. There are many different types of heating systems in use today. One popular type of heating system is an oil burner.

Sometimes referred to as a pressure burner, oil burners spray oil into a combustion chamber at high pressures. The oil is ignited by a spark, generating heat as it burns. Maintaining your oil burner heating system is critical as winter approaches. Don't find yourself without access to a reliable heat source this winter.

Clean the blower assembly often.

The blower assembly plays a central role in the operation of an oil burner heating system. Blowers are responsible for propelling the oil into the combustion chamber. Without a steady stream of oil, the pressure burner cannot function properly.

The blower assembly will become dirty with regular use. It's important that you take the time to clean the blower assembly often during the winter months to prevent debris buildup from compromising the efficiency of your heating system.

Monitor chimney smoke.

An oil burner heating system will typically be vented out a chimney. The chimney provides an outlet for the smoke created during the combustion process. You can learn a lot about the condition of your pressure burner heating system by monitoring the smoke coming from your chimney.

Black smoke is an indication that the oil blown into the heating system's combustion chamber is not being fully burned. If you spot black smoke coming from your chimney, your oil burner is wasting fuel and is not functioning as efficiently as it should.

An experienced repair technician will be able to evaluate your heating system to determine the source of the problem and make the necessary repairs to restore your heating system.

Lubricate the blower motor.

Since the blower motor is critical to the generation of heat in an oil burner, you must invest time in maintaining this component. The moving parts within the blower motor should be lubricated often.

This lubrication will prevent the motor from misfiring and ensure that it operates efficiently to deliver oil into the combustion chamber. Use a non-detergent motor oil to lubricate your heating system's blower motor at regular intervals throughout the year.

Complete basic maintenance tasks to help you improve the performance and efficiency of your oil burner heating system this winter. Contact an oil burner service for more information.


10 October 2018

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