4 Things You Should Know About Maintenance And Repair Needs Of Submersible Well Pumps

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Do you have a submersible well pump installed for your well? Does it sometimes seem to work only when it wants to? This is one of the unique problems of submersible pumps that may be due to twisted wiring and will eventually require repairs. There are some other unique problems that you will want to know about the maintenance and repair needs of your pump. Here are some tips to help with the maintenance and repair needs of submersible well pumps:

1. Pressure Tanks and Problems with Noisy Plumbing or No Pressure

For modern water wells and submersible pumps to provide household plumbing with pressure, specialized tanks are used. These tanks have a rubber baffle valve installed inside, which keeps the pressure on pipes and prevents the pump from constantly running. If you have a problem with low pressure or noisy plumbing, it is likely a problem with the pressure tank. This can also cause a pump to constantly run, leading to excessive wear and higher energy bills.

2. Knowing When It Is Time to Pull the Pump and Flush Your Well

Know when it is time to pull your pump and have the well casing flushed for better water quality. This is something that should be done when you have a new well drilled but should also be done occasionally throughout the life of a submersible pump to reduce wear of equipment and improve the water quality of household plumbing systems.

3. Poor Submersible Pump Installation and Damage to Wiring Causing Problems

Often, the problems with submersible pumps come from poor installation. It is important to hire a professional well equipment service for installation and repair of pumps. Sometimes, the problems have to do with loose wires that twist as the pump operates and are eventually damaged. Other problems include improper depths and installation issues that eventually cause the pump to fail.

4. Replacing Failing and Outdated Submersible Pumps When They Are Beyond Repair

Sometimes, the submersible pump that you have installed may just be too old to be repaired. The harsh environment of the water can eat away at parts, which often means that you need to have your pump replaced. When you have the pump pulled for repairs, talk to the well service about the condition of the pump and if it is a better option to go ahead and have it replaced.

These are some of the maintenance and repair needs of submersible pumps that you may have to deal with. If you need help with maintenance and repairs for your pump, contact a professional well equipment service like Modern Pump & Equipment to ensure water is flowing in your home. 


28 November 2018

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