What To Expect When Having A Custom Walk-In Shower Installed

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An old, worn out combination bathtub/shower can be quite an eyesore in a bathroom. If you're tired of your bathroom's combination bathtub/shower, you may want to consider having it taken out and replaced with a custom walk-in shower. A custom walk-in shower is a beautiful addition to any bathroom, and you can design the shower to meet your needs. A custom walk-in shower should always be installed by an experienced and licensed contractor. If you have never had you bathroom remodeled in any way, continue reading to learn more about what you can expect when you have a custom walk-in shower installed:

Removal of Bathtub/Shower

Before any work on your custom walk-in shower can start, the old bathtub/shower must be removed. The demolition and removal of your bathtub/shower can be a loud and messy job, but an experienced contractor will know how to do the job without causing any damage to your existing plumbing. Prior to signing a contract to have a custom walk-in shower installed, make sure that removing your existing bathtub/shower is included in the price quote. In addition, it is also a good idea to check the contract to make sure that the old bathtub/shower and wall boards will be properly disposed of so you don't have to worry about it.

Plumbing Installation

While some people opt to have a single shower head in their custom walk-in shower that aligns with the current plumbing, many people want to change the configuration or add additional shower heads and other shower sprays. This involves adding new water lines to ensure that the shower heads and spray nozzles are exactly where you want them. It will also be necessary to place a new drain in the shower floor. A shower pan will be created with concrete, and the shower floor will need to be slightly sloped to ensure that water drains properly.

Tile Work and Custom Options

After the frame of the shower is in place, tile work and custom options that make the shower stand out are installed. Many people opt to have benches built in their custom showers and shower niches are very popular. When you design your custom walk-in shower, you may want to consider opting to have several shower niches installed. These shower niches are great for holding shampoo, conditioner, soap, and other items that you use while showering. When the tile work and custom options are done being installed, the fixtures and drain covers are added to the shower to complete the project.


20 February 2019

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