Tips To Help Protect Your Flooring During An Interior Painting Project

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When working to paint the interior of your home, one of the greatest concerns that you may have is the damage that can occur to your flooring. All that it takes is one small dollop of paint positioned perfectly on the floor to have someone track it through every room of the house. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help to protect your flooring from damage during an interior painting project.

Cover the Flooring                             

Of course, you'll want to use drop cloths to cover the flooring, but those drop cloths don't always stay in place. As the ladders are shifted around and you walk from here to there repeatedly, the drop cloths may leave some of the flooring exposed.

To prevent paint from finding its way through the drop cloths onto your beautiful flooring, get a roll or two of protective plastic wrap for flooring. This product has a small amount of adhesive on it to keep it stuck to your flooring — both carpet and hard-surface. Before the painting project begins, apply this plastic to the flooring entirely and cover it like a blanket. This is just the secondary barrier to protect the flooring, so it doesn't have to look pretty — you just have to be sure that the seams are all pressed firmly onto the flooring. Once the plastic is put down, you can cover it with the drop cloths.

Tip: Cover the flooring in the areas leading to and from the room in which you're painting. This way, if there's paint on your feet, it won't be tracked out of the room into other areas of the home.

Buy Shoe Covers

You know those paper shoe covers that contractors wear into your home or that doctors wear into surgery? Well, those can help you protect your flooring. Not only can you provide them to professional painters coming in and out of your home, but you can wear them while you're working. Then, if you have to leave the room, you won't have to remove your shoes; you'll just have to pull off the paper covers and set them aside until it's time to get back to work.

Gate the Doorways

If you have pets and kids in the home, you need to gate the doorways. There's probably no reason for your kids or pets to be in the room with fresh paint on the walls, so create some sort of barrier to keep them out. If you need to, ask friends and family members for baby gates — the kids may be old enough to step over them, but it will be a reminder that the room is under construction and to go another way.

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4 April 2019

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