Ready-Mix Concrete Design Options

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Putting in a new patio, sidewalk, or driveway is a great opportunity to improve the appearance and curb appeal of your home. If you think that using a ready-mix concrete service to lay the new paving means you are stuck with boring gray, think again. The following are just a few of the decorative options that you have available to you.


The days of gray concrete are long gone. There are many options for adding color to your concrete, whether you want an understated terracotta or a bold color such as blue or green. Integral tints are mixed into the ready-mix formula before it is poured. This means that the color permeates the entire depth of the concrete, so any chips or scratches won't reveal gray concrete beneath. Hardener tints are applied to the surface of fresh concrete before it sets. These provide some texture as well as color, which can provide a unique appearance as well as a slip-resistant surface.


An aggregate is something that is either mixed into the concrete before it is poured or pressed into the surface afterward. Small stones, gravel, colored sand, and pebbles are the most common options for mixing into ready-mix concrete products. These give the concrete a natural look as well as texture. There are also aggregate treatments that can be applied to the surface of the concrete, such as resin and stone treatments. You will not see the concrete at all, only the stone surface that you choose to have installed over the concrete underlayment.

Surface treatments

Surface treatments come in many varieties, from stamping and texturizing to mosaic installation. You begin with a standard ready mix, which can be plain or tinted with a color of choice. Before the concrete has a chance to set, your installer will then stamp design into the concrete, or use special tools like concrete combs to manually add texture. You can have the concrete stamped to resemble flagstones or bricks, for example, which can be quite convincing if combined with a concrete tinting option. Another surface treatment option is to have a mosaic installed. Tile or glass is pressed into the concrete surface before it cures, allowing you to create nearly any design you desire.

There is a lot of versatility when it comes to decorative treatments for ready mix concrete. Contact a supplier or installer in your area to find the best design options for your home.


30 June 2019

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