4 Contemporary Home Design Tips That Will Help You Give Your Home A Modern Look And Features

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If you are planning on buying a new custom home, contemporary designs can give you a lot of benefits and a contemporary look. The modern design can give you an opportunity for modern design features and functional designs. The following tips will help give you ideas for your contemporary home designs: 

Renewable Energy   

There are a lot of options to consider when building a home with a contemporary design. One of the first things that you will probably be considering for your modern home design is renewable energy. There are many ways to add this to the finishes of modern home designs, such as with solar roofing materials and other finishes. The renewable energy and resources can also come from things like fence designs with solar thermal features that are integrated into geothermal systems and other renewable resource solutions like rain collection systems that gather water from roof runoff.  

Practical Thermal Barriers   

The energy design of your home can also include improved thermal barriers, which can be the exterior finishes and include things like spray foam and a house wrap. Green roofs are a great solution for an improved thermal barrier that helps to reduce energy loss and makes your home more efficient. The green roof can be finished with materials like light soils, mosses, and grass species.  

Functional Rooftop Green Spaces  

There are a lot of other options for contemporary green roof designs that do not have to be entirely planted with moss and grass. If you want to have more usable space, the roof is a great place to add gardens and usable outdoor features and an area for entertaining. One thing to remember if you plan on using the roof as an outdoor space is to add structural support for these areas to support additional loads.  

Passive Thermal Designs   

Another improvement that you will want to consider for the design of your home is a passive design that helps provide heating and cooling. These features include areas of your home that are cool during the summer and windows that allow for plenty of sunlight during the winter to provide your home with passive heating solutions.  

These are some of the options that you will want to consider to give your new custom home an attractive contemporary design with useful functionality and modern features. If you are ready to start building a new custom home, contact home builders and talk to them about some of these modern design ideas.


13 January 2020

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