Getting Custom Home Remodeling? 3 Mistakes To Avoid

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Customizing a home can help you to transform a space into something that is truly your own. Although many people turn to customization to create a gorgeous new space, it can be more difficult than most people realize, and some people may make mistakes along the way that date their home or lower the overall value. Here are three simple mistakes to avoid making when you are customizing your home. 

1. Adding Monograms

Since monograms are a mark of a high-end lifestyle, many people decide to include them everywhere from their front entry gates to their mailboxes. However, overdoing the monogramming could cause problems, especially if something happens that changes your last name—such as divorce. 

Avoid adding monograms to any space that would be difficult to change later, such as the flooring or landscaping. Instead, only include monograms on a decorative basis, such as with throw pillows or front door mats. Keep in mind that painted monograms can always be painted over, so adding those to your home is a safe bet. 

2. Putting In Splashy Tile

From brightly painted Spanish tiles to crystal clear, neon glass tile backsplashes, there are a lot of ways you can go wrong with a little porcelain. While you may want to customize your home, avoid making additions to your space that could make the home unapproachable for other people. Instead, opt for more classic tile choices, such as white, marble, or beige colored stone. When it comes to patterned tile for areas like bathrooms or kitchens, choose a simple arrangement that won't draw too much attention where you won't want it.  

3. Creating Rooms That Can't Be Repurposed

If you have always yearned for a custom gaming room, think twice before you tell the builder not to include lights or windows. By creating rooms that simply can't be repurposed easily, you could unintentionally eliminate buyers from the pool of interested people who might purchase your home. 

Instead, work on creating custom spaces that could be used as something else in the future. From craft areas that could be transformed into a bedroom if you ever sell your home to gaming areas that would make lovely home theater rooms, be mindful of what the space could double as in the future. 

Before you start thinking about making significant customizations to a new home, think carefully about how much you want to spend on the property, when you are thinking about moving, and any future changes that might occur at home, such as kid leaving for college or your family adopting a new pet.   

For more information, reach out to a custom remodeling service near you. 


16 April 2020

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