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Phoenix business lawyer, John Goodson, and his team at Goodson Manley Forakis PLC handle challenging estate, business and philanthropic legal planning and use preventive law techniques to create and maintain legal structures that protect you and your family for generations.

As Phoenix business attorneys, we understand how business structures and the legal strategies that most effectively protect and develop them are integral to their law practice. A Goodson Manley Forakis PLC Phoenix business lawyer will provide you with legal counsel, legal documents, and Preventive Law Alerts to guide you as you establish, nurture and care for your family, business or estate.

And, for small businesses and start-ups, Phoenix small business lawyer, John Goodson, understands the special needs and strategies to help you as you grow.

The principals of Goodson Manley Forakis PLC are John Goodson and his two daughters, Colleen Manley and Christine Forakis, pictured above. Both Colleen and Christine have trained in the firm since they were eight years old. One of the firm's preventive law principles is to always have two attorney assigned to each case with a trained paralegal.

We provide the following legal services:

Estate Planning & Asset Protection

We structure estates and protections for small, middle-class families to the more complicated estates of billionaire business families, not only in Arizona but throughout the United States and internationally as well. We employ preventive law strategies to anticipate and prevent legal and non-legal challenges you may encounter.

Probate & After-Death Administration

Probate refers to the often-arduous process of proving the existence and validity of a will. We mitigate or eliminate potential difficulties and unnecessary expenses by ensuring that trusts, wills and other protective documents are in place and valid.

Business Planning and Maneuvers

Each business structure provides different protections and benefits. Understanding which of these delivers the most benefit for your business and taking advantage of that knowledge can determine the success or failure of your enterprise. We provide business legal services designed to guide and assist you each step of the way from determining the most beneficial business structure to initiate to your business's optimal maintenance. We can even guide you through your exit strategies, if necessary.

Philanthropic Planning and Maneuvers

We prepare and process charitable trusts and foundations of all types, including charitable annuities, charitable remainder and lead trusts, and the charitable-advised funds within sponsoring foundations.

General Legal Counseling

Our more than half a century of knowledge and case history have given us the expertise to anticipate issue and create optimal, effective legal strategies and structures as we advise families, businesses, and philanthropies. As general legal counsel, we assist and advise our clients in avoiding unnecessary taxes, probates, legal proceedings and avoidable problems.

Wealth Preservation and Preventive Law

Wealth Preservation and Preventive Law Special Alerts, Alerts and Studies provide you with timely legal guidance and information relating to estate planning and asset protection, business and philanthropic planning, probate and after-death administration, and general legal document and counsel information. They give you the confidence that your legal counsel and decisions are the right ones.

Special Alerts

Protect Your Family!

Wealth Preservation and Preventive Law Special Alerts provide information and guidance about issues or concerns that require your immediate attention. The highly important Special Alerts are released as often as necessary to ensure you're provided with the information you need.

Download our most recent Special Alert: Legal File Reviews Are Critical in 2010 – You Have ½ Year to Make the Critical Moves and then call Goodson Manley Forakis to talk about how to make sure you're protected.

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Wealth Preservation and Preventive Law Alerts provide information and guidance of a less urgent nature. Alerts are released once a month or more frequently as necessary.

Download our most recent Alert: What Happens to Your Gold Teeth When You Die? and then call Goodson Manley Forakis to talk about how to make sure you're protected.

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Wealth Preservation and Preventive Law Studies provide information and guidance designed to provide you with the ongoing information to protect yourself and your family and business. Studies are release as often as important information becomes available.

Download our most recent study: The Basic Legal Emergency Documents for Everyone In the United States 18 and Over

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