How To Protect And Maintain Your Commercial Flat Roof


The roof of your business is your first line of defense against the elements. When your roof isn't up to standard, you can end up with leaks that cause damage to your property and make it impossible for you to stay open. Good roof maintenance can include adding a new coat of material on your roof because it has been exposed to harsh elements. You will want to know if your roof is safe to walk on, and avoid excessive foot traffic on your roof.

25 September 2019

Four Tips For Picking The Kitchen Faucet That's Right For You


Your kitchen faucet is more than just an attractive fixture for your cooking and food preparation space, but it's a necessary part to keeping your kitchen clean and drains clear. Since you'll likely be living with your new kitchen faucet for years and years to come, it makes good sense to take a few minutes to evaluate just what is the best type of fixture for your household's living habits and your budget.

10 August 2016

How To Quickly Repair A Damaged Section Of Laminate Flooring


If you have laminate flooring in your house, and a section becomes damaged, you can easily and quickly repair it. Below are two different ways you can replace damaged laminate flooring.  Damage Near The Edge Of The Room If the damaged section of the laminate flooring is near the edge of the room, instead of repairing that section, all you have to do is replace it. Using a marker and ruler, draw lines around the damaged area, creating a square or rectangular shape.

14 January 2016

2 Simple Fixes For A Garbage Disposal That Isn't Turning On


If your garbage disposal suddenly stops breaking things down, you might know that the problem is something for a professional to look at, and you might attribute the problem to ordinary wear and tear. If your garbage disposal does not turn on at all, however, you could be stumped about the cause of the problem. In some cases, the issue that is causing your garbage disposal not to turn on can be serious and can require the assistance of a professional.

28 December 2015

Three Signs That It Is Time For A Brand New Roof


If you own your home, you likely understand the vast importance of taking care of your roof. On a typical basis, a roof will last between 15 to 40 years, depending on the type of material it was made with and how well you take care of it. While repair has its place, there are certain situations that dictate a complete and total replacement, as opposed to patching up a roof that is beyond repair.

31 July 2015

Learn How To Use Your Heating Oil More Efficiently


During the coldest months of the year, due to demand and other factors, the price for heating oil often increases. Since this is also the time of the year when you rely on the use of heating oil the greatest, finding ways to cut your cost is important. There are a number of things you can do to use your heating oil more efficiently and save money. Furnace Tune Up

12 July 2015

3 Tips To Make Your Roof More Eco-Friendly


There are a lot of reasons to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Not only are you probably concerned about the environment and you and your family's impact on it, but you also have to think about the money that you can save by reducing your energy and water use. There are a lot of things that you can do to make your home more eco-friendly, but a great place to start is with your roof.

16 June 2015

Maintaining The Beauty Of Your Throw And Area Rugs


Throw and area rugs can be affordable, or they can be a huge investment. No matter whether you have spent a little or a lot, the care of the rugs will determine the length of time that they will look great in your home. Below, you will find a few care tips that will help preserve the beauty of the throw and area rugs in your home. Rug Rotation To prevent traffic wear, rotate the rugs a couple times each year.

3 June 2015

Preventing Bed Bug Infestation


If you travel often, and you stay in hotels when you are away, there is always a risk of bringing bed begs back home with you. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to remove, so it is best to take a few extra steps in preventing them from getting into your home to begin with. Here are some tips for you to use when dealing with hotel travel in trying to keep bed bugs from creeping into your own bed.

4 May 2015

Goodbye Roof Stains- Hello Curb Appeal!


Do you have streaks and stains on the shaded areas of your roof? Many homeowners think it is impossible to rid their roofs of stains. However, with a little knowledge, you can make your roof look new again. What Causes Staining? Streaks and stains on your roof look like mold; however, those streaks are actually colonies of algae that feed on the moisture and limestone in your shingles. New shingles are treated with an algaecide that keeps algae at bay for approximately 10 years; however, after 10 years colonies of algae begin to grow, causing streaking and damage to your roof.

3 March 2015