Got Leaks? A Routine Plumbing Checkup Could Uncover One Of These Silent But Costly Plumbing Issues

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When it comes to the big stuff-- inches of water in the basement, water running down the walls, and puddles of water in your yard-- you know when to call a plumber. However, not all plumbing issues are easily identified. In fact, some types of silent plumbing issues can remain undetected for years. If left unfixed, these silent plumbing problems can cause a great deal of costly water damage. For this reason, it's a great idea to have a routine plumbing checkup annually.

24 March 2015

Common Issues That Can Affect Your Wood Flooring Project

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If you are planning on replacing your current flooring with wood flooring, there are a few things to keep in mind that might set your project back. Knowing ahead of time what common issues can come up when replacing wooden flooring will prepare you for the worst and make sure you are ready for the project. Here are three common problems that can occur when replacing your carpets with wood flooring.

11 March 2015

Goodbye Roof Stains- Hello Curb Appeal!


Do you have streaks and stains on the shaded areas of your roof? Many homeowners think it is impossible to rid their roofs of stains. However, with a little knowledge, you can make your roof look new again. What Causes Staining? Streaks and stains on your roof look like mold; however, those streaks are actually colonies of algae that feed on the moisture and limestone in your shingles. New shingles are treated with an algaecide that keeps algae at bay for approximately 10 years; however, after 10 years colonies of algae begin to grow, causing streaking and damage to your roof.

3 March 2015

Customize Your Pool for a Unique Getaway

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Your in-ground swimming pool is already going to be a focal point of your yard. Most likely it's going to serve as a center of entertainment and relaxation as well. Customize your pool to transform it into a getaway that's one-of-a-kind. Geometry One of the first decisions you'll make about your swimming pool is its shape. While rectangular is the standard, the Landscaping Network outlines a few other options: L-Shape: The L-shape features an extension to the standard rectangle, allowing for a shallow end or a spa.

23 February 2015

Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor Online


Is your roof leaking? Do you need to hire a roofing contractor to re-shingle your roof? If you're trying to save money, you may be tempted to simply hire someone from the first and cheapest ad you see posted online. However, doing that could actually cause more problems than solutions. Here are some questions you should ask before hiring any roofing contractor you find online: What is the company's exact name and address?

17 February 2015

Three Reasons Why You Might Want To Learn How To Splice Electrical Wires


As a homeowner you probably leave the vast majority of anything electrical up to an electrician from a company like RDS Electric, and that is smart. Tinkering with such a dangerous source of energy can lead to electrical burns, fire and even death. However, there are small scale home remodeling projects where knowing something about wire splicing will save you money in the long run. Here are three reasons why you might want to learn wire splicing.

11 February 2015

Could a Multi-Zone Thermostat Be the Perfect Thermostat for Your Home?


If you are having a hard time maintaining the temperature in your home, it may be time to resort to a multi-zone programmable thermostat. A multi-zone programmable thermostat system allows you to set the temperature that you want each zone of your house to be at and the thermostats will work together to maintain the different temperatures in the house in an attempt to help the home stay a more consistent temperature.

6 February 2015